How to Install

Simply download this gallery, and unzip the files in your root directory.

We don't use SQL database here, so the admin login has to be stored in a text file under /config/ folder. Please change the username and password first thing. Password should be MD5 encrypted first before saving in text file. You can generate a MD5 password from here

To login, type "/login" after your domain name in the address bar, e.g.

How to Upload Picture

When logged on, go to home page, and click "Create Album", name it.

Go into the album we just created, it's currently empty, so we need to upload some pictures by clicking on "Upload picture". You can select multiple pictures at a time. By default, the size limit of each file shouldn't exceed 2MB, but you can change this in the source code (this option should be made available on the web admin console).

After they are uploaded, you can now go and edit the album info, and picture info. The interface is very clear, there are two sections, the album info and picture info. None of the fields are compulsory, except the names.

To choose a picture to be the cover picture of an album, simple check the radio button at the bottom fo your chosen picture.

How to Use Photo Map

First, you need to enable using map in the album info.

And then, you can add the geo coordinate in the picture, where the picture was taken. You can find this out very easy by using a tool that comes with this gallery Or, there is a link at the end of the page where you edit your album info